About Us

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide individuals access to accurately graded, well cut, and competitively priced loose diamonds. We base our standards of comparison nationally, not locally. In doing so, Besco gives the consumer an alternative to the mall or the inflationary prices of retail jewelry stores. In the selection process it is our policy to disclose all positive and negative aspects of each stone, matching the individual purchaser with a diamond that meets or exceeds his or her expectations. In addition to our strictly graded house diamonds we also specialize in GIA and AGS certified diamonds. We have and will continue to set high standards of ethics in the grading and pricing of diamonds. We strive to provide our customers with jewelry that is both of great design and superior craftsmanship. Our custom pieces are made using the latest technology available to today’s jeweler and combining it with time honored jewelry making techniques. Our pieces have been proven to stand the test of time over the last three decades.

Our company name

Besco Custom Jewelers was born on April 15th, 1984 in College Station, Texas. Originally a partnership between Brett Edmondson and Samuel Cisneros, hence the name Besco was a combination of the original owners’ initials. Now a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Brett Edmondson.

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