Purchasing Diamonds – DiamondFind® Service

Departing from the archaic business model of buying diamonds and prefabricated jewelry then trying to persuade or pressure you into making an impulse purchase from our stock.
At Besco Custom Jewelers using our DiamondFind® service we offer our customers the ability to select diamonds from sources throughout the United States. Our first appointment is spent with each customer in a quiet, private office setting, talking about your goals, quality expectations and budget. We discuss diamond qualities, how quality, shape and weight interact to affect price. We invite your questions during all phases of the process and do our best to give you correct and up to date information. Using the information from our consultation we are able to search the inventories of a vast network of diamond cutters and diamond dealers. After finding the diamonds that fit your special requirements, the loose stones are brought in for you to evaluate. During the entire process we provide expert advice and guidance, insuring you receive the diamond of your dreams…

DiamondFind® is a Federally Registered Service Mark of Besco Custom Jewelers®

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