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by Besco Custom Jewelers on August 21, 2013 1 comment
CAD Challenge Dallas Poster

Besco Custom Jewelers

Held on Saturday (August 24, 2013), this two-part challenge will test the CAD and design skills of four jewelers. For the first challenge, the four participants will receive a detailed request for a design from a celebrity designer. Then they fire up their systems in hopes of best filling the designer’s needs. Judges will score them on their presentation, sales skills and how well the design meets the request made by the celebrity designer. Talk about pressure!

For the second part of the CAD Pressure Challenge, the same four CAD artists will be given design requirements to create an item in their own personal style. Each artist will be given two hours to unleash their own vision and creativity in this challenge session.

Besco Custom JewelersCAD Challenge

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  • Besco Custom Jewelers - August 21, 2013

    Oh, it’s on now. The ultimate test of computer design skill begins with a simple customer request, delivered on the spot. Then, our four competing designers have just two hours to create a CAD design that meets those all-important customer specifications. Things are guaranteed to get intense, especially with all of you watching! Each CAD artist will use their own style and method to complete the design of a custom ring with a reversible element. Judges will also score competitors on their presentations, sales skills and how well they follow the design requirements for growing by EnvisionTEC. EnvisionTEC will then grow each design and have them available for viewing during the show. Talk about pressure! Bench, bench supplies and tools provided by Stuller. Sponsored by Gemvision and EnvisionTEC.

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